Alpena Community College

Dual enrollment allows students to take college level classes while they are enrolled in high school.  The college courses may be counted for both high school and/or college credit.  Typically students register for 2 courses (3-4 credit hours per course) each semester  This is a great opportunity for students to get a jump start on college while at the same time saving money!   For more information contact Mr. Bowman.


  1. Who is eligible to take Dual Enrollment Courses?
1.      Be enrolled in high school 

2.      Be in at least 11th grade – or if in a lower grade, approved by the school district.

3.      Have taken and achieved a qualifying score in:

o   All subjects areas of the Michigan Merit Exam or other state approved readiness assessment.

§  Michigan Merit Exam

·         Mathematics Level 1 or 2

·         Reading Level 1 or 2

·         Writing Level 1 or 2

·         Science Level 1 or 2

§  Readiness Assessment (PLAN or ACT).

·         Mathematics 18

·         Reading 19

·         Science 19

·         English 21


o   Achieved a qualifying score in the subject area  in which  student would like to take a course 

4.      Eligible students may take coursed in subjects for which there are no endorsements such as history, political science, psychology, computer science or foreign language, as long as they have taken all sections of the MME, ACT or PLAN.  State endorsement is not required in any specific area for this participation.

5.      Students cannot be enrolled in high school for more than 4 school years.  Adult education students are not eligible.