The costs associated with going to college can be steep, and sometimes overwhelming.  However, one way to temper those costs is by earning scholarships.  Scholarships are a lump sum of money given out by business, churches, organizations, and government bodies.  They are designated for the individual who earns them to be spent on college tuition, housing, books, or other college related materials.  They may be given at the beginning of a school year or dispursed each semester.

Every year, several hundred thousand students and parents are defrauded by scholarship scams.  To find out more information click on Scholarship Scams.

 Local Scholarships

Local scholarships are offered by area businesses and local organizations.  They are usually less competitive than national scholarships, although there is still competition among local students.  However, the amount of money offered is not usually as much as in a national scholarship competition.  

Click here on National Elks to visit this website that  has several links for scholarship searches. 




 National Scholarships

There are also national scholarships as well as state-wide scholarships.  These scholarships are  highly competitive with students all over the country sending applications.  However, the organizations providing these scholarships often have large amounts of money to dispurse and could pay as much as full tuition and housing for a 4 year program. 

You can also apply for federal financial aid from the government by clicking the following link.

Apply for Federal Finanacial Aid - Free