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October 11, 2021
Fire Lane

Fire lane signFIRE LANE

Hello everyone,


The area in front of the school with the RED PAINTED curb is a Fire Lane/Student Safety Zone. This is not an area for student pick-up and drop-off.  Vehicles in this area create a school safety hazard.


While it may be convenient to pull up in this area, this is highly unsafe and needs to stop. Children are entering/exiting the school and walking between cars parked in the fire lane, this is extremely dangerous. We ask that you use a parking spot and allow children to walk from there, or escort them to the door.. The fire lane is a place for emergency vehicles to approach the school and an avenue of escape in case of an emergency. Please be courteous and do not park along the sidewalk in front of the school for any reason during the school day. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated, and will help us avoid accidents and endangering students lives.


Thank you

Hale Area Schools


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